Only select Filipino fans would understand this but… ‘Ang Huling El Bimbo’ AU? Only I think this would fit more as an angsty XianCheng story rather than WangXian.

More because they shared a longer childhood together.

It follows the general flow of the song. But really, it just boils down to ‘the one that got away’ but for that song the personas actually got together at some point.

Here, JC never confessed. Think like torpe guy but is so bristly, WWX would never have crossed that line with him.

So they just drift apart, and… well just like how the song climaxes at, “Sa panaginip nalang pala kita maisasayaw.” They just never ended up together.

Fuck, I’m crying. hahaha I watched ‘Ang Huling El Bimbo’ last night (today’s their last showing). I loved it (more because come on, it’s Eraserheads’ songs). I was literally just crying during the last 15 minutes.

(Also Anthony. Anthony is a closeted gay teen who is raised by a military father. His bits were precious to me, especially the ‘Tindahan ni Aling Nena’ parts. He was crushing on basketball varsity player. So damn typical but I loved it, damn.)

Ah, man. See, this is how free I am at work right now. I can cry at my desk without worries.

You know you’re damn idle at work when you’re just scrolling through foreclosed properties and start day dreaming of buying one of them. Ayyyyy can I go home yet?